About Us

We are a unique group of former Stampede royalty that demonstrate a passion for the western lifestyle by bringing the Stampede experience into the lives of special needs children.

The tradition of the Calgary Stampede royalty dates back to 1946 when Patsy Rodgers was named Miss Stampede and traveled across the country to represent the Stampede in New York City.

After nearly thirty years, former Stampede Royalty created the Queens’ Alumni Association. In 1979, they hosted their first “Giddy Up” event for children with special needs during Stampede. That event continues today and is one of four Giddy Up events hosted throughout the year.

Since becoming an official Stampede Committee in 1980, the Queens’ Alumni have built our western foundation upon our passion for supporting the special needs community, celebrating our sisterhood and upholding our unique niche in the Calgary Stampede’s history.